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Realtor Call to Action

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the Call to Action. Whenever there is a Call to Action dispatched by the California Association of Realtors® or the National Association of Realtors® that will impact our private property rights you will see a link below directing you to take-action on an issue(s).

We need everyone to get involved to defend and protect the treasured right to own private property.

Take Action Now!

Your Vote Counts

Attention Realtors: RED ALERT

ACA 13 is a proposed constitutional amendment that would change the vote threshold for citizen backed initiatives. It could be very dangerous to issues C.A.R. cares about including efforts to protect Prop 13, by allowing for more taxes on homeowners and limits their ability to stop tax increases. C.A.R. opposes ACA 13 and we are likely headed to a floor vote as early as this week.


Look for C.A.R.’s Red Alert email from realtorparty@car.org with a subject line that says:

“RED ALERT: Protect Prop 13 and Voter Rights” to take action.

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